Our aim is to achieve natural oral aesthetics. A harmonious smile depends on the aesthetics of the teeth and gums, taking into account individuality. A radiant smile only looks natural if it matches the patient's face shape, age and personality.

Poor dental prosthesis can lead to uncertainty of the aesthetic perception!

Main activity: Aesthetic dentistry

We work with different technologies to bring a radiant smile to your face.


Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic veneers that are used, among other things, to compensate for malpositioned teeth and to correct dental defects. Due to the low thickness of the material, the natural teeth either do not need to be ground down at all or only minimally. Veneers give the smile a natural, harmonious expression.

Veneers Patient (before)

Veneers Patient (after)


All-ceramic inlays, partial crowns,
Crowns and bridges 

In the past, metal crowns could only be veneered with ceramics because the glass-ceramic could not withstand the forces in the posterior region. The disadvantage of metal veneered crowns is their low translucency, they look artificial and are therefore useless in the aesthetic area. If the gums recede later, an unsightly metal margin also appears, causing the gums to shimmer purple-blue. New dental ceramic materials allow the fabrication of all-ceramic restorations, both in the anterior and posterior region. The translucency of the ceramic corresponds to that of natural teeth, making crowns practically invisible. This is the material of choice for highly aesthetic requirements.

Composite fillings in multi-layer technology

Small to medium-sized hard tooth substance defects can also be reconstructed using dental plastic materials. Highly aesthetic nanohybrid composite fillings are used to reconstruct the tooth in a natural way.

Veneers Patient (before)

Veneers Patient (after)


Red and white aesthetics

An enchantingly beautiful smile is determined by the tooth to gum ratio.

With young healthy gums, the areas between the teeth are filled with gum. Diseases of the periodontium can lead to degenerative changes in the gums, making so-called black triangles between the teeth visible. These cause the smile to age and the teeth now appear relatively long.

Mostly more women than men suffer from a so-called gummy smile, whereby excessive gums appear when smiling, which makes the teeth appear much too small.

With an aesthetically pleasing smile, the teeth are shown to their best advantage, and the gingival line is perceived in the same way.

In order to achieve a harmonious appearance, not only the teeth but also the gums must be treated.


An enchanting smile as well as youthfulness and vitality can be achieved by refreshing the colour of your teeth. Recent studies report that 85% of all people want brighter teeth. Teeth whitening is basically possible for everyone, but the effect is more intense for some patients than for others.

Bleaching is the bleaching of teeth by chemical substances such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As a result, the hard tooth substance is completely preserved. Invasive treatment methods do not have to be used.

With the latest bleaching methods, the teeth can be lightened by eight shades within 1 hour. With the ZOOM-LED lamp, the whitening results are 40% better, which means we can guarantee a 96% patient satisfaction rate [study with 500 patients from the USA].

The bleaching affects the viewer as if you have just come back from vacation, as most people perceive teeth whitening rather unconsciously. The naturalness of the teeth is also preserved, as the translucency is not affected.

Before teeth whitening, the teeth should be free of plaque, so a preceding professional tooth cleaning is recommended to improve the whitening effect.

Likewise, root-treated teeth that have subsequently turned dark can be achieved with a walking bleach technique to achieve acceptable aesthetics. If these forms of treatment are not sufficient from an aesthetic and functional point of view, ceramic restorations can be used.


Our philosophy

A beautiful appearance, triggers positive thoughts in the observer. A radiant smile is an expression of sympathy and joy of life. The effect is supported by beautiful, healthy teeth. Exaggerated artificiality tends to lead to a disharmonious perception.

Our aim is to help you achieve a lively smile through naturalness and individuality!

Your well-being has the highest priority with us!

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