If over the years or due to a sports injury or lack of oral hygiene, teeth are lost, this gap can be closed by means of implants.

Implants are artificial tooth roots and are made of pure titanium, which makes them extremely compatible with the body.

An intermediate construction is anchored in the implant, on which the new crown is fixed. Thus the implant-supported crown replaces a fully-fledged natural tooth.

Neighboring teeth are spared, since they do not have to be ground down as is the case when making a bridge.

The dental care is also similar to that of natural teeth. 

Bone replacement materials

Bone reconstruction with Bio-Oss®/Bio-Gide® from Geistlich Biomaterials For bone reconstruction
a multitude of different materials is available.  

1. what are the reasons for using Bio-Oss®? 

If bone loss occurs in the course of tooth loss, in some cases the bone must be rebuilt with a suitable replacement material in order to anchor a dental implant in a stable manner. We use the product Bio-Iss® for this purpose.


2. What is Bio-Oss®?

Bio-Oss® is a bone replacement material that is used to rebuild the body's own bone. Bio-Oss® consists of the hard, mineral part of natural bone and is very similar in structure to human bone. It is therefore also very well accepted by human bone tissue and serves as a guide for the new bone. The starting material is carefully controlled bovine bone. It is treated with patented cleaning and disinfection processes. Among other things, Bio-Oss® is treated at high temperatures for more than 15 hours and with specially selected chemical methods, highly cleaned and finally sterilised.

3. what does Bio-Oss®?

Bio-Oss® is a firm framework along which the bone can grow. This scaffolding material enables or facilitates bone formation in the operating area. It is introduced into the operating area in the form of granules or small blocks. The patient's own bone grows through Bio-Oss®. Later it is slowly broken down by the body.

4. are there alternatives?

As an alternative to Bio-Oss®, it is possible, for example, to remove the body's own bone from another area (e.g. chin, hip) under additional anaesthetic and transplant it into the operating area. The following should be taken into account: - A second surgical area is created, in which additional pain or loss of sensitivity may occur. - Under certain circumstances, the bone obtained may not be sufficient. There are also a number of other bone replacement materials of animal or chemical origin, with structurally and biologically different properties.

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1. What is Bio-Gide®?

Bio-Gide® is a foil (called a membrane) made of collagen, which is additionally required as a covering foil for the bone replacement material in most procedures.


2. what does Bio-Gide® do?

To achieve greater healing success, it is advisable to cover the Bio-Oss® particles with a membrane (Bio-Gide®). As the connective tissue grows faster than the new bone, the membrane protects the Bio-Oss® particles from the faster growing connective tissue and thus enables undisturbed bony healing.

3. what is the Bio-Gide® made of?

Bio-Gide® consists of a natural collagen derived from pigs. It is highly purified and therefore very well tolerated.

4. must the Bio-Gide® be removed again?

No. The collagen membrane is completely broken down by the body and therefore does not need to be removed.

Are there neutral quality controls?

The production of Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® is subject to a quality assurance system in accordance with international guidelines (ISO 9001 / EN 46001), which is checked once a year by recognised, independent testing institutes and international authorities. Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® are medical devices that meet the safety standards and requirements of the European (CE certification) and American health authorities (FDA).

Are side effects known?

As with almost all natural and artificial materials, intolerance and allergic reactions can never be completely ruled out. Due to the high product purity, such reactions are limited to individual cases.

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Our philosophy

A beautiful appearance, triggers positive thoughts in the observer. A radiant smile is an expression of sympathy and joy of life. The effect is supported by beautiful, healthy teeth. Exaggerated artificiality tends to lead to a disharmonious perception.

Our aim is to help you achieve a lively smile through naturalness and individuality!

Your well-being has the highest priority with us!

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